Benjie – From Rescue To Re-home

By Kaytie Grant

Benjie – From Rescue To Re-Home

A couple months ago, we were alerted by a local coconut seller about a little puppy seen searching for scraps of food. When Dr Roland went to investigate, he saw the puppy escape the wheels of a truck, when trying to cross a highway. Dr Roland decided he couldn’t possibly leave the puppy behind, so took him back to the treatment centre. Here he received a course of dewormer and vitamins, as well as his first dose of the essential “5 in 1” vaccine to protect him from nasty diseases like Parvo and Distemper.  

What would the future hold for Benjie the puppy?

We named the puppy Benjie. Whilst he was very sweet and playful, we wondered how easily he would find his forever home, for his front leg was bent and he looked a little club footed. Dr Roland believed this to be from a calcium deficiency where Benjie was probably separated early from his mother and not received enough milk. We hoped a calcium supplement and healthy diet would correct the deformity but it may put potential adopters off choosing Benjie.


Love at first sight

However, Benjie soon caught the attention of Remigio, the former landowner of the site of the new treatment centre, during a chance meeting at our existing site. Benjie wouldn’t leave Remigio alone, showing him lots of affection with his smiley face and waggy tail. Whilst not actively looking to adopt a dog, Remigio decided he had room for one more member of the family and took Benjie home with him.

Benjie will return to us to be neutered in a couple months and we are pleased to say his bent leg has corrected itself. We hope they will continue to visit so we can say hello and enjoy a Benjie cuddle.

More dogs looking for their forever home

We have several other dogs who are ready for adoption but sadly haven’t been chosen yet. This is partly  because of some movement restrictions still in place in the Philippines due to Covid. We hope that in the New Year things will be different and these dogs will soon be placed with loving families, enabling us to take in new rescues also in need. 


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