IWCT - UK Charity Helping The Dogs In The Philippines

IWCT or International Wildlife Coalition Trust is a UK registered dog charity, primarily helping the dogs in the Philippines.
Among various projects in the UK and around the world, this is currently our main focus.
We do this through providing free and low cost veterinary care from our Treatment Centre where we also have several rescue dogs.


Being a dog charity in the Philippines, our work is only possible through donations or gifts in kind from our supporters from around the world.
We have a wish list of veterinary and pet care supplies as well as dog food.
Those who are local are welcome to deliver their generous donations on clinic days.
For those in the UK or the rest of the world who are able to give to us, we have various ways you can make a donation to our charity.


Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you learn more about how dog charities operate or the service we provide to promote responsible pet ownership and work to protect all animals.    

Stray Feeding Programme:
Find out how to help...

chimi an IWCT rescue dog


Your donation will make such a difference


Will feed one IWCT resident dog for a week


Will provide the 5 in 1 vaccine for one dog


Will enable an IWCT vet to neuter one dog


Will cover the cost of the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of one dog


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Ehrlichiosis is a serious infection caused by ticks. It’s one of the reasons Milly was so poorly when we rescued her. Here’s how to diagnose and treat it as well as some tips on how to prevent it in the first place.
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IWCT team at a mobile clinic

Whilst an International Wildlife Trust, we have a a large focus as a Philippines Charity. Here we provide free and low cost veterinary care, spay and neuter programme and rabies vaccinations.

Please click here for all information regarding our clinics, Education Programme, adoption and merchandise.
This section is specifically designed to help the people in the Philippines, although anyone is welcome to read our education material and download the PDF leaflets.
Our mission is to promote responsible pet ownership around the world.