What We Do

The mobile clinics are temporary veterinary facilities. These may be set up in cities, remote areas such as islands or even in shelters or pounds.

At these clinics we vaccinate, spay and neuter dogs and cats for free. We also offer mobile carabao clinics, where we give free vitamins and wormers to the carabao and goats of rural families.

These clinics are only made possible by the generosity of our loyal supporters.

A fundamental part of changing the way people treat animals in the Philippines is education. In 2017, we launched the IWCT Education Programme, inviting locals to attend meetings, run by a small team of IWCT experts, including at least one of our vets, in the provinces.

We cover everything from the basics of responsible pet ownership, including diet, what not to feed your dog, exercise and socialisation, the importance of neutering, regular vaccinations, de-worming and treatment to prevent external parasites. It also aims to remove any myths and beliefs around the subject of dogs and disease.

We have found that many people use string or chains as dog collars and so we carry and hand out new collars whenever we spot this, a simple act but one that can make a huge difference to both the dog and owner.

The main Treatment Centre is a two storey building with a reception area, a fully equipped Operating Theatre, with preparation and recovery rooms, as well as awaiting room for owners to sit whilst their pets are in surgery.

The top floor has accommodation for two kennelmates, other Centre staff and a room for Vets to stay overnight when needed. 

Although there’s been a dramatic reduction in the dog meat trade in the Philippines, we know traders are still at work and so we will continue to fight them until the future of the Filipino dog is secure.

We have a dedicated investigation team, who work closely with the police, in areas within which we know traders are operating.

We also have an experienced legal team to prosecute any traders who are arrested, preventing them from continuing their brutal exploits.

Help us to fight cruelty and protect all animals


Will feed one IWCT resident dog for a week


Will provide the 5 in 1 vaccine for one dog


Will enable an IWCT vet to neuter one dog


Will cover the cost of the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of one dog