Support the dogs rescued by IWCT through sponsorship! View the resident dogs below, find out more about them and choose one to support on its road to recovery.
You will receive a thank you photo of your chosen dog!

If you would prefer to make a general donation, which isn’t specific to dog sponsorship, you can do so here. Donations not only go towards caring for our rescue dogs, but also towards our Spay and Neuter Programme, rabies vaccination drives, clinics in general and our Education Programme. However, sponsoring a specific dog gives you a sense of pride and ownership. Should your sponsored dog become adopted, you could choose another, or stop your support, if you chose to make a recurring gift. 

We are very grateful that our supporters have chosen to donate to the dogs of the Philippines. If you want to donate to something very specific, what better way than to sponsor an IWCT rescue dog!?

Sponsoring a pet gives you a sense of responsibility and pride in the same way as a regular pet owner would get, even if you don’t have the means to be a pet owner in real life at the moment. Animal sponsorship is also a great gift to give to a loved one. If this is the case – please contact us and we will make a celebration e-card featuring the dog for the recipient! 

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