The New Treatment Centre

By Kaytie Grant

The New Treatment Centre

Due to the demand of the amazing services our team provides at our current treatment centre, we have purchased land to develop a larger, purpose built facility in order to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and rehome a greater number of dogs. 

We were able to purchase the land thanks to a generous legacy from long term IWCT supporter, Betty Hudson. However, you will see below that this is an ambitious albeit necessary project, which requires additional funds to complete to its full potential and meet the demand.

The building:

The new treatment centre will be a two-storey building complete with a fully equipped surgery and operating theatre, as well as consulting and recovery rooms. This will enable us to run an increased number of consultations and clinics, where we offer free neutering and vaccination programmes. These clinics are always over subscribed and we never want to turn anyone away who is intending on giving their animal the best start in life.

In addition to this, there will be greater provision to rescue more dogs through the installation of permanent kennels. Housing up to 4 dogs each, once well enough, they can learn to socialise with others whilst still getting enough privacy and space. There will also be quarantine kennels for new rescues to get additional privacy, until they are cleared of any contagious disease, such as Rabies or Distemper, and are strong enough to integrate with the others.

Outside space:

The plot also offers space for an enclosed exercise area where the dogs can play. This will include a number of enrichment activities such as obstacles and games to engage and stimulate the dogs. Here they will learn to interact with other dogs and people – a vital part of the adoption process. 


Education is another important component of the work we do in the Philippines. The new centre will allow space for seminars in order to teach people how to correctly care for their dogs or cats. The more people who attend these sessions and pass correct knowledge onto their family and friends, the closer we are to seeing less suffering of the animals.

Be part of it:

We never want to be in a position where we are unable to help an animal in need. The new treatment centre, along with our team of vets, kennel mates and volunteers, will strive to ensure this doesn’t happen. However, in order to continue to provide for the current demand, we need your help.

Please donate whatever you can to allow for the continuation of the wonderful work we are doing to put an end to the suffering of dogs in the Philippines. The new treatment centre is a huge step towards achieving this, you could be part of it.

Thank you.


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