A new home for Princess and Freckles!

By Kaytie Grant

We have amazing news! Princess and Freckles have found their forever home! To celebrate we thought we would look back at their stories so far!

We first met Freckles 2 years ago when we found him living alone on the streets near one of our vets’ churches. Freckles got his name thanks to his severe Mange which had eaten away at several patches of his fur as you can see below.

It took a long time for Freckles’ fur to fully grow back and even longer for him to feel completely comfortable around humans. After spending so long suffering on the streets, we thought this might be the case and so our kennel mate Marc worked with Freckles to up his confidence.

Soon after we met Freckles, we rescued Princess from the Angeles pound. Whilst there was nothing physically wrong with her, she wasn’t coping well being surrounded by so many other dogs. We brought her to our centre so she could have some more privacy and conquer her fear of other dogs and people! As you can see from the photo below, she was extremely unhappy and unwilling to even come out of her cage.

The two quickly became best friends, leaning on each other for support and comfort. This friendship combined with the amazing work of our team meant that the dogs quickly gained confidence. After just under two years at our centre, the two were ready for adoption! Just look at the pictures below, Freckles finally lost his freckles and the happiness is back behind Princess’ eyes.

Because of their special bond we wanted to make sure that Freckles and Princess were adopted together. They had become completely inseparable at the centre so it didn’t seem fair to find them different homes. Thankfully, within just a few weeks of putting them up for adoption, someone stepped forward and offered to give them the loving home they so desperately deserve.

On the 2nd of February, our team brought Freckles and Princess over to their new forever home and they settled in amazingly quickly.

The team was incredibly sad to say goodbye to them as they had become such a big presence at the centre, but we know that they will be loved and cared for at their new home. Thank you so much for continuing to support the journeys of dogs just like Freckles and Princess, without you these dogs would still be living on the streets without hope.


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