Blackie – the injured dog who brought the community together

By Kaytie Grant

To say we had a busy Easter at IWCT would be an understatement. In the week leading up to Easter, the team in the Philippines shared an extensive list of clinics, school visits, treatment cases and Ellie’s rescue.

Then on Good Friday a plea for help came in from a rescuer via our Facebook Page about a dog who was found on the street with a head injury in Metro Manila. It is believed the dog had been hit by a car and left for dead.

blackie on the street

Community Support

The rescuer, Kariz, took the dog (who has been named Blackie) to a local clinic, with the help of the manager from the Joliibee she was eating at when she noticed Blackie lying on the street. The clinic put Blackie on a drip and x rayed him, he was bleeding from his nose and not eating or drinking. He was given a 50% chance of survival.

Upon learning the story, our team in the Philippines could not watch from the side with the possibility this dog would not survive. We reached out to Biyaya Animal Care who have an animal hospital and offered to pay for the veterinary costs if we could bring Blackie for round the clock care which he couldn’t get at the current clinic, nor at the IWCT Treatment Centre, due to lack of equipment, facilities and full time vets.

blackie at the first clinic

Online Community

Biyaya animal hospital agreed to take Blackie so Kariz posted again on Facebook asking for help to transport him there. It was here an IT Manager called Evan drove for two hours from Laguna to Manila to collect Blackie and take him to the hospital. It’s been so humbling that so many strangers came together during Holy Week (The celebration of Easter in the Philippines) to help this dear, innocent dog.

the community helping blackie

Veterinary Care

Blackie’s treatment at the initial clinic cost Kariz over PHP30,000 (approx £425).Fortunately, thanks to her popular Facebook post regarding Blackie and the pleas for help, dozens of people have contributed what little money they have to help towards this bill.

It’s not known yet what the veterinary fees will amount to at the Bayaya Animal Hospital which IWCT have agreed to pay. So far Blackie has had cage rest with a heat lamp and more fluids. He has been monitored closely and although he has stopped bleeding from his nose, he has vomited. Therefore, further x-rays on his stomach are required. He is very immobile, the observing vet believes due to the trauma he has experienced. We are confident that with rest and round the clock care, Blackie will recover.

blackie's rescue team

How You Can Help

You can join this community effort by making a donation towards Blackie’s veterinary fees. The level of care required exceeds what we are able to offer at our Treatment Centre so we are grateful to have formed a relationship with the team at Biyaya who can take extreme cases like Blackie’s. Whilst this wasn’t part of our budgeting plan we are sure that if you were in our situation and could help Blackie, you would have done the same thing. We are honoured to have been part of his rescue and treatment journey alongside members of the public such as Kariz, Evan and the Joliibee manager. Any donation you can give towards Blackie’s veterinary fees would be so very much appreciated by a huge number of people who are all wishing him a speedy recovery. Thank you.


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