IWCT New Treatment Centre – Breaking Ground

By Kaytie Grant

Breaking Ground & Making History

Back in October, we shared a blog piece about the acquisition of land on which to create a new, purpose built treatment centre

This opportunity was made possible due to IWCT being left a number of legacies by long term supporters in recent years. The opening of the new Treatment Centre will be one of the biggest moments in the charity’s history. It will enable us to rescue more dogs and help hundreds more animals each year through our regular clinics and education programme. 

Construction has begun on the main building. This will be home to the following:

  • Reception, waiting and welcome area. This will be where patients check in and wait for their appointment for spay, neuter, vaccinations or check ups. Educational material regarding responsible pet ownership will be on display and available to take away.
  • Consultation room. Here non-surgical veterinary procedures or seminars will take place.
  • Operating theatre. This is where the operations such as spays and neuters will be conducted from.
  • Staff accommodation. We will have at least two full time kennel mates as well as a Practice Manager, groundskeeper and our team of vets and vet assistants. The kennel mates will live in at the Treatment Centre.

Next Steps…

Once the main building has been finished, work will begin on outbuildings such as the kennels and wash room. We anticipate moving in around September. Follow the progress through these regular blog updates.


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