Carabao Clinic

By Kaytie Grant

The Carabao is the national animal of the Philippines. Symbolising strength, power and hard-work. To many, they are more than just a farmer’s helper in the field and they are often referred to as farmers best friends.

So, why use Carabao? Why not use modern machinery? Unfortunately, many farmers own small properties, have a low income and may not have much economic opportunity. Furthermore, some farming is done in areas where machinery would not be able to function because of difficult to access terrain. So, it’s hard to imagine Filipino agriculture without the Carabao.

As a result, having healthy Carabao is crucial to a farmers livelihood. However, in the Philippines there is very little veterinary support. As such, IWCT stepped in to conduct our own Carabao clinic in Sto Nino, Concepcion, Tarlac.

Most farmers only have one or two Carabao so we conducted our clinic in an area where lots of local farmers could bring their Carabao to be treated. Six local farmers attended the clinic where Carabao were vaccinated and any ailments were seen to.

For many the Carabao represents the history and strength of the Philippines and its people. It’s no wonder that when you speak to Filipinos across the Philippines that they are proud of their heritage and their national animal.

We believe that our work with the Carabao is so important in ensuring a better life for both the animals themselves and the farmers too.


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