Chimi – reunited with her family. 

By Kaytie Grant

Chimi – reunited with her family. 

A few months ago, we were alerted to a dog in need. This wasn’t an abandoned or a street dog, but an owned dog requiring help.

The young bitch, called Chimi, was suffering terribly from mange. She had lost a lot of fur and her skin was red, inflamed, sore and scabbed. 

chimi pre rescue

Sadly for Chimi, her owners didn’t know how to treat the mange, nor could they afford it. Mange treatment requires a course of topical ointments or medicated baths. Treatment time ranges from a few weeks to several months. Sometimes antibiotics are also required. Realising the situation, a neighbour of Chimi’s owners contacted us for help. 

Chimi’s owner was very grateful for us stepping in. He has two young children who love Chimi but he agreed it would be best for her to be taken in by IWCT and be treated for her mange professionally. The respite would also allow her time to grow in strength and gain some weight.

chimi taken to IWCT

Mange spreads very quickly and easily between dogs. With so many roaming the streets, picking up parasites is a common problem.

There is a chance Chimi will contract mange again should she come into contact with another affected dog. However, now her owners know what to do and how to treat it, should it flare up again.

Educating Owners

IWCT strongly believes in educating the public about sensible pet ownership and wants to encourage people to consider owning a dog, to reduce the number on the street. That’s why rather than suggesting the owner give up Chimi, we treat the problem and teach best ownership practice. 

After a short spell with IWCT, we are pleased to report that Chimi’s Mange has cleared up. Her fur has regrown. She has fully recovered and is a happy and healthy dog. She has also recently returned home to her family, who have been given medicated shampoo, should they see the first signs of mange again. 

chimi with owner

You can read more about mange in our Understanding Mange blog. 

It takes approximately 3 months for the IWCT team to rid a dog of mange of this severity. The cost of the treatment in the Philippines is approximately £11 per month. If you’d like to make a donation towards mange treatment costs, please do so here

Thank you. 


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