Dog Friendly Pancakes

By Kaytie Grant

Dog Friendly Pancakes

With Pancake Day just around the corner (Tuesday 13th February) the shops are filling up with batter mixes and tasty toppings.

But you share in the celebration with your beloved pooch? The short answer is yes! Dogs can eat pancakes as a cheeky treat, but with consideration. We’ve explained how you should and shouldn’t feed your dogs pancakes in this blog and even included a recipe for youtube try!

Dog friendly pancakes

Dogs and Pancakes

Pancakes are a suitable occasional treat for dogs. However, chocolate toppings and sugary syrups should be avoided. Chocolate is poisonous to dogs and too much sugar is bad for them. If your dog is lactose intolerant, you should avoid adding butter or milk to the mixture. You can however, add a small amount of fruit such as banana or strawberry – never grapes as they too are poisonous to dogs. As far as drizzly toppings go, avoid citrus fruit. A little honey or even a spreading of dog friendly peanut butter would be a good alternative.

Serving Up The Pancakes

If you are partial to a large circular pancake which has been perfectly tossed in the pan, the same shouldn’t be said for your dog. You should cut the pancake up into smaller pieces to avoid choking. If you are particularly creative, you could use small circular, heart or star shaped cookie cutters to make smaller pancakes with. Ensure the pancakes aren’t too hot before offering them to your dog. Be treatwise – don’t give them too large a helping! If you have more than one dog indulging in the occasion, adopt normal feeding practices – feed the pancakes in their usual bowls and places so as not to cause over excitement, which could lead to a squabble. 

A Final Thought…

Enjoy the experience of making pancakes for your dog! Breaking the normal routine and spending a bit of extra time with your dog helps secure your bond. Don’t forget to take some snaps of your work and DM them to IWCT UK on Facebook or IWCT_UK on Instagram, we’d love to see! 

pancakes for dogs

Recipe For Dog Friendly Pancakes


  • One ripe and sweet banana
  • One egg (shell can be included if you like)
  • 100g of plain flour*

*Use a wheat free alternative such as coconut or almond flour if your dog is sensitive to wheat or gluten. 

Mash the ripened banana with a fork until a smooth consistency. Add the egg and flour, beating until a smooth batter is formed. 

This batter can be fried like a classic pancake or used in a waffle maker. If frying, use a small amount of coconut or olive oil. It can be useful to use an oil spray, meaning only a few drops are used to grease the pan and prevent sticking.

We also have a recipe for celebration cakes, which you can view here.

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