Dogs of the Philippines!

By Kaytie Grant

It’s been a little while since we updated you on the dogs in our treatment centre and some have undergone incredible transformations! Thankfully some of our furry friends are now ready to be adopted and start living the life that your donations have made possible!


Freckles was found by one of our vets, Dr Arris, outside of his church in an upsetting condition. Dr Arris couldn’t just leave him there and so he was brought into our centre.

As you can see, Freckles has now lost his Freckles! He has grown back all of his fur and gained enough weight to be neutered. As such, we are now looking for a forever home for this gorgeous boy. He is a young boy with lots of energy so he loves playing with the team and other dogs in the centre.


When we found Archie he was living in awful conditions suffering from severe Mange and malnourishment. After just a few months of love and care at our centre, Archie has been transformed.

Now Archie is a happy boy, always smiling and playing with the other dogs. We are still waiting for Archie to gain a little weight before he is neutered so we can make sure he remains a happy and healthy dog!


Princess came to us from a nearby pound where we have a connection. As well as being underweight, Princess was also extremely nervous around both people and other dogs. It has taken a lot of hard work from our kennel mate but Princess is now a much happier dog.

Princess is now physically healthy but still retains some nervousness. As such, our team have decided it is best that she stays with us for a little while longer until she is much more comfortable around people. It is amazing to look at these photos and see the distinct change in her face since her arrival.


We have written a lot about Sunshine on our blog as her story was truly a sad one. Now she is finally ready for her furry tale ending. As she has now been spayed, our team are happy to say she is looking for a new home.

Sunshine will be greatly missed at the centre as she has such a lovable and playful personality but we know she will be great at making new friends wherever she goes.

We are so grateful for your support in helping us change the lives of these dogs!


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