Meet Buddy!

By Kaytie Grant

We found Buddy helpless and alone on the streets of Tarlac just before Christmas. He was suffering from severe Mange and malnutrition, appearing to be living on very little food; he was almost completely bald and his skin was very rough and grey in colour. We couldn’t leave him on the street and so the team brought Buddy to our centre where we have been giving him the love and care he needs recover.

Although the Mange treatment took affect quite quickly, we noticed that it was taking a lot longer for Buddy to gain any energy, he spent his first few weeks just lying down. When he came to us we thought Buddy to be about 6 years old, but after further examination our vet believes him to be around 12, which explains why it’s taken him longer to recover. It is absolutely heartbreaking that Buddy might have been living like this for all those years, enduring such a sad life; we just wish that we had met him sooner!

Buddy has now been with us for 2 months and although not fully recovered, he is eating well, so has gained weight and his fur has grown back! We can finally see the blonde fur he was meant to have all along, no sign of that poorly grey dog, the transformation is quite remarkable and we think he looks a little bit like his new buddy Kilay?

If people like you didn’t step in, Buddy would be on the street, suffering, alone and left to die. Please give what you can to help Buddy when no one else has! He still has a little way to go but you can see from the video below that he’s started to smile.


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