New Rescues

By Kaytie Grant

Re-homing means new rescues

If you read our last blog post you know Freckles and Princess recently found their forever home! This left us with two empty spots to fill at our treatment centre. We wanted to introduce you to the two new members of our IWCT family.

Jasper joins the IWCT family

Firstly, we found a little puppy in Cavite near Manila, he was suffering from terrible Mange and was severely malnourished. We found him thanks to a concerned woman who called us after she spotted a puppy living under an old abandoned truck next to a building site as you can see below.

Although she had been feeding him whenever she could she noticed that he was continuing to lose weight. She was scared that he would get hurt living in such a dangerous area. As soon as we heard we sent our team to rescue the puppy. He was timid but even in his condition, he was so friendly to the team, seemingly very happy to have some affection.

Back at the centre, our vets estimated that he was about 10 months old, far too young to be living alone on the streets. We have named him Jasper! Although he has only been with us a few weeks his condition is improving rapidly and we can’t wait to see his full transformation!

Billy and Bluebell

Two weeks after we found Jasper, we received a call from Pampanga, very close to our centre, about two dogs in desperate need of our help. When we arrived, thankfully both dogs were relatively friendly and happy to be handled by our team. We named them Billy and Bluebell but unfortunately, Billy was found to be suffering from Distemper and despite our vets best attempts he passed away just days after we rescued him.

Distemper is an airborne disease that any dog can catch, but it can be prevented with a simple vaccination. With so many stray dogs in the Philippines, there are a huge number of dogs who haven’t been vaccinated and are vulnerable to this deadly disease. This is one of the reasons our free mobile clinics are so vital to so many Filipino dogs!

Unfortunately, after just a week at our centre, we found that Bluebell was also suffering from Distemper. Sadly she too has now passed away- showing just how deadly this disease really is for dogs in the Philippines.

Help stop the suffering

Without your support, dogs like Bluebell and Billy will remain all too common in the Philippines. We need your help to continue to vaccinate as many dogs against this deadly disease as possible. Thank you!


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