Treatment Centre Cases

By Kaytie Grant

It has been a busy couple month’s at the Treatment Centre in the Philippines. 

Milly’s progress

Milly was rescued at the beginning of May. She is healing well, slowly gaining weight and strength and very slowly re-growing hair after having such bad mange. 

The video below shows her playing in the Enrichment Park with Kennelmate Michael.

Our next steps with her are to get her strong enough to share a kennel with another rescue and start socialisation with the other dogs in the Enrichment Park. 

Milly still does not have a home lined up. If you are in the Philippines and would like to adopt this wonderful little dog (when she is well enough), please contact us

Clinical cases

The Treatment Centre was primarily built for weekly spay, neuter and consultation clinics. The consultation clinics often saw dogs and cats for vitamins and de-worming medication. However, lately, our volunteer vets have been tackling more complex cases:

One of these is Puti, whose ordeal was documented in our last blog.

We have also removed large tumours from several dogs, treated a dog with cherry eye and, just this week, saved a dog from double amputation following a collision with a car. There will be more information on this case as the dog’s treatment continues. 

It is wonderful that the Treatment Centre is coming into it’s own and able to help so many more animals with a range of needs. This is thanks to our staff, vets, volunteers and ultimately our supporters, whose generous donations enable us to carry out this vital work.

Student Vets on the job

Our Veterinary OJT’s (On Job Training) have been busy also – Christian successfully removed a bone lodged in a dog’s throat (under Doc Roland’s supervision) and Alfred has been performing microscopic examination of mites and other parasites from scrapings taken from patients in clinic.

This experience is essential for their successful start in veterinary practice – we are delighted to be part of their journey and grateful for their support at the Treatment Centre. 

Visitors from other organisations

We have also been lucky enough to have a visit from university business students from Thames International. The students listened to a seminar given by Suzanne on Responsible Pet Ownership, before having a tour of the Treatment Centre which culminated in a meet and greet with the rescue dogs in the Enrichment Park. As you can see from the photo below, both humans and hounds thoroughly enjoyed it!

students visiting the treatment centre

If you are a college, university or organisation in the Concepcion area and would like a group visit to the Treatment Centre, please contact us

Please consider making a donation to the Treatment Centre, we are the only organisation in the area with such a skilled veterinary team offering free and low cost vet care to the poorer but no less loving dog owners. Please help us continue to help them. 

To see more Treatment Centre cases, please follow us on Facebook, IWCT UK or IWCT Philippines.

To make a donation in PHP, please follow this link.


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