Help us to fight cruelty and protect all animals by making a donation.


Will feed one IWCT resident dog for a week


Will provide the 5 in 1 vaccine for one dog


Will enable an IWCT vet to neuter one dog


Will cover the cost of the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of one dog

Donate to IWCT

Please give what you can to IWCT. We appreciate every single person who donates, whether it is a one off or regular donation. It really goes a long way to help the dogs of the Philippines.

Donations go towards our spay and neuter programme, our weekly clinics at the Treatment Centre and rabies vaccination drives. 

In addition to monetary donations, if you are in the Philippines you can also donate gifts in kind in the form of dog food or pet or veterinary supplies. 

Supporters in the UK can raise free donations for the dogs by supporting International Wildlife Coalition Trust through Easyfundraising or Give As You Live

Dog charities like us need your help. Please give what you can to improve the lives of 1000’s of dogs in need in the Philippines.

When you give to IWCT you are also helping our rescue dogs with their rehabilitation and enabling us to continue to rescue dogs in need. 

Donate To Educate

Finally, donations also help fund our Education Programme. We go into schools and barangays to promote responsible pet ownership in regions close to the Treatment Centre. We also make the material accessible online. When you donate you help the future of the dogs in the Philippines. Thank you

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