Another Chance For Cheska

By Kaytie Grant

Another chance for Cheska

We wanted to update you about Cheska. As you may already know (for she is quite the popular character), Cheska was the little puppy rescued from the Taal volcano disaster in 2020. 

cheska as a puppy

Cheska grew much larger than anticipated, and also became quite boisterous. We were slow to put her up for adoption, instead taking time to train her to remain sociable but learn to contain her excitement. Kennelmate Mark and Cheska worked hard together through this rehabilitation process and we were happy to report back in June that she had been adopted.

Second Time Lucky

A local resident brought her dog to a clinic at the IWCT Treatment Centre and saw Cheska and decided she had room in her house and her heart for another dog. Sadly, as is sometimes the case, the adoption didn’t work out. The owner’s first dog much preferred being in a single dog family and didn’t settle upon Cheska’s arrival. Rather than struggle along or move Cheska on herself, she did the right thing and brought Cheska back to IWCT.

This is one of the reasons IWCT insists on adoption within the Philippines only. If we allowed international export and the adoption didn’t work out, we would have no control over where a dog would end up. It could possibly end up in a shelter, another rescue centre, being passed from home to home or put to sleep and we’d never know or be able to do anything about it. 

Because Cheska was adopted within the Philippines and because we have a stringent Adoption Programme, the owner knew that should any issues arise, we were to be contacted to arrange for her return to IWCT. Much like our friends at Dogs Trust, we would rather see a dog come back to us from a failed adoption and try again with another family than hear of unnecessary suffering of one of our own or any other dogs. 

Cheska is now back with her friends such as Kilay, Skinless and Holly. Mark continues to work with her (and the other dogs) readying them for adoption. In this case, it was at no fault to Cheska that the adoption didn’t work out, she will soon find her perfect forever home. 

dog strokes

Sponsor Cheska

In the meantime, you can support Cheska by sponsoring her. Sponsorship of an IWCT rescue dog starts from as little as a one off £1 donation (although you can set up a recurring payment). Your sponsorship goes towards feeding costs and the purchasing of enrichment activities such as toys, games and snuffle mats.  

We appreciate times are tough for everyone at the moment, making the inclination to support charities even harder. However, a small regular donation really can make a big difference in supporting our rescue dogs in the Philippines. £1 a month as a regular payment won’t make a huge impact on your daily life but it will provide food, comfort and stimulation for a rescue dog like Cheska. 

Thank you.


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