Consultations, Treatments and Spays

By Kaytie Grant

Treatment and Spay Clinics at IWCT:

Whilst Covid restrictions are still in place in the Philippines, we are not able to carry out our mobile clinic days in different areas. We are however, able to offer consultations, treatments and spay and neutering services at our Treatment Centre. These services are so important to the community, as whilst a family may love and care for their pet, they may not be able to afford veterinary procedures such as a spay. This is why we offer spays, vaccinations and other treatments for free.


What your donation could do:

The donations of our generous supporters are so vital. Just £5 will provide an emergency medicine and vitamin programme for a poorly dog. £15 will pay for a dog to be spayed. A little really does go a long way in the Philippines. Small donations make a big difference.

Clinics are run twice a week, every week, at our treatment centre and they are always well attended. We’d hate to be in a position where we have to turn a pet owner away, which may be detrimental to a pet’s health and could easily have been avoided. Every donation helps improve a dog or cat’s welfare in the Philippines.


Education Programme:

Not only do our clinics help control the population of dogs, enable them to thrive in their homes and enjoy a healthy life with their families, they are also educational. Children often accompany their parents or carers with their pet. We don’t mind this as it informs the next generation of best practice in animal care. We will, when restrictions are lifted, continue to promote responsible ownership by visiting schools, as well as starting up mobile clinics again. Our education programme dispels so much misconception regarding rabies and other myths surrounding domestic dogs. It also correctly informs the public of other important issues related to a dog’s wellbeing as well as what important roles dogs can play in therapy and companionship. You can support a clinic at our treatment centre and our education programme by making a donation here.


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