Deydey & The Mimings

By Kaytie Grant

Deydey & The Mimings

Last week the IWCT volunteer team of vets and assistants went to Dasmariñas, for a very special mission. 

A young boy called Deydey had started rescuing cats from the street. Now he has his own little cat sanctuary, with dozens of cats now fed, watered, clean and safe. To promote the work he does, he and his family have set up a Facebook page and YouTube channel called “Deydey and the mimings.

Joining Forces

Deydey relies on donations from supporters to cover the costs of feeding the cats. He has also had sponsorship from some feed companies, donating bags of food. Recently, some of the cats have suffered from Dusty Paws, requiring vet treatment. To pay for this, Deydey’s mother was willing to sell her mobile phone.

IWCT has recently formed a friendship with fellow animal charity PAWSsion Project, also based in the Philippines. Malou of PAWSsion project, like us, rescues and rehomes dogs as well as helping out other organisations from time to time. It was Malou who brought our attention to Deydey. Together we arranged a spay and neuter clinic for all the cats currently in Deydey’s care. 

Deydey and his family were extremely grateful for the support from us and PAWSsion Project. The last thing he needs is unwanted litters of kittens in his sanctuary, creating more mouths to feed. Spaying and neutering will also ensure when the cats are re-homed, they won’t be able to reproduce. Controlling the population of roaming animals in the Philippines is so important to reduce the spread of disease and the suffering we so often see.

A Bright Future

Deydey is a remarkable boy with passion and commitment to continue helping the cats of the Philippines. We were delighted to be able to support him. The IWCT Education Programme teaches children about responsible pet ownership through school or community centre visits. This work means more of the next generation, like Deydey, will show compassion towards animals and appreciate the joy they can bring to our lives.  


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