Dog Friendly Easter Activities

By Kaytie Grant

Easter is fast approaching and in the UK we get a four day weekend with Good Friday and Easter Monday being public holidays. So what can you do with your dog during this time off? Here are some ideas for you!

Alternative Easter Egg Hunt

Chocolate Easter Eggs are a big no go as chocolate is poisonous to dogs. (See our blog about what else is poisonous to dogs here.) 

So instead of chocolate eggs, you could make dog friendly biscuits in the shape of eggs, bunnies and chicks to hide around your garden. Here is our dog friendly biscuit recipe

Other treats dogs would love to seek include meat such as pieces of sausage. You could even hide some new toys or balls in the shrubs or flower beds for them.

easter toy

Easter Walkies

Whilst the dogs have to avoid chocolate eggs, us humans do not! So if you’ve over indulged this Easter, why not take your dog on a long walk to burn off some of those eggs? Dogs love exploring new places – all those new scents, sights and sounds. Why not try a trip to a dog friendly beach. This link takes you to a guide of year round dog friendly beaches in the UK. 

easter walk

Puzzle Enrichment 

No public holiday is complete without some inclement weather. So if you find yourself housebound, here’s some enrichment activities you can do with your dog using household recycling:

  • Make a snuffle mat from an old towel and hide treats inside
  • Hide a treat inside a toilet roll which your dog has to carefully open (or rip apart) 
  • Cut holes in a large empty plastic bottle and put some treats inside. The dog has to roll the bottle around so the treats fall out of the holes
snuffle mat

Instead of treats…

Although you are using doggy treats instead of chocolate, be careful not to exceed your dog’s daily ration. Not only can it lead to weight gain, it could also lead to tummy ache or behavioural issues. 

Here’s some healthy foods which can be used in these activities:

  • Chicken eggs
  • Cooked lean meat
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Carrot
  • Small pieces of cheese 

Let us know if you try any of these, or if you have any activities to add!

On behalf of us all, however you spend your Easter and regardless of how much time you have, we hope you have a very happy one. 

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