Finding Forever Homes!

By Kaytie Grant

On 29th March we held our first official IWCT Adoption Day in the Philippines. The event was held at the Angeles Dog Pound, who we have been working closely with for over a year and where we now have two IWCT Pens, for any abandoned, rescued or unclaimed dogs for who we believe we can find forever homes.

Our goal for re-homing is to secure loving and safe homes for as many dogs as possible. It was a really busy day with lots of visitors coming to view the dogs that were available for adoption, as well as to attend an education seminar run by the IWCT veterinary team. We’re delighted to report that 9 dogs found new owners and headed for what we hope will be their forever homes.Thompson is a young male dog who was a very malnourished stray, rounded up and taken to the Pound. A local farmer, James, attend our event in March, and spotted Thompson immediately and he has now adopted him. Our adoption officer, Vanessa, visited Thompson at his new home on the farm a month after the event and he was settling in really well. James has two other rescued dogs and all three are getting on famously. Thompson has also gained weight and is due to be neutered by an IWCT vet next week.

Army is another young male dog, a very friendly chap, who was an immediate hit with lots of potential adopters at the event. Army was abandoned at the Angeles Dog Pound 2 weeks before the event and remained unclaimed. He has now been adopted by Abel, a driver, and his family, who have one other dog.We hope that through adoption days and our education programme, we can slowly change the attitudes of people towards dogs, not as a feral, wild animal that may be eaten, but as a valued member of the family.


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