Good Luck Doc Marc

By Kaytie Grant

Please could you all join us in wishing Doc Marc Japa all the best for his next professional endeavour in Australia. 

Doc Marc’s Career

Doc Marc has been with IWCT since 2017 as an early veterinary graduate in the Philippines. He joined head vet Doc Roland as well as our other volunteer vets and assistants at our mobile clinics and at our old Treatment Centre. 

As well as being a vet in the nearby town of Clark, Marc has given up a significant amount of his time to support IWCT as a volunteer vet. With us he takes a significantly lower wage than he would get at a private clinic, however, like all our vet team, Marc has been honoured to help his country, dogs in need and owners without the financial means for veterinary fees. This value is so important to all IWCT staff and volunteers. 

Most recently, Marc has aided in the move to the new IWCT Treatment Centre, travelled to remote islands for spay and neuter clinics and attended all in house clinics. He has even found time to hang out with the rescue dogs in the Enrichment Park.

doc marc performing surgery

Volunteers Are Key

Marc has been a real asset to IWCT and he will be sorely missed. However, being granted sponsorship to work in Australia and enhance his veterinary skills is too good an opportunity to miss. We are optimistic that not only will Marc return to IWCT to volunteer for us again sometime, but he will bring new skills and colleagues with him! 

IWCT simply cannot operate without the support of volunteers. If you are a dog lover in the Philippines and have a little time to give, we are launching a brand new volunteer programme. Please contact us for more information. 


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