IWCT Animal Treatment Centre Now Open

By Kaytie Grant

Thanks to your kind donations, we were able to open a new treatment centre in the Philippines!

Whilst the majority of our work in the Philippines involves a great deal of travel, some dogs are unable to be treated at our mobile clinics and instead need more intensive care if they are to recover. As a result, in a previous appeal we asked for donations to open an Animal Rehab and Treatment centre in Concepcion Tarlac. Thanks to your generous donations, we have been able to convert the property and we are now ready to start taking in dogs.

As well as providing sanctuary for dogs that need our help, we also hope to use the Centre to hold veterinary clinics, education sessions for school children and adults, as well as Adoption events, to find loving new families for any of the stray or unwanted dogs that come to us.

The hope is that any dogs we take in will stay at the centre until they are fully recovered, before either returning to their owners of being re-homed by our Adoption team.

In addition, the centre will also be a permanent home for our two dogs, the beautiful Kilay and cheeky Skinless, who you may remember we decided to adopt as our own and who are now sponsored by two of our very generous supporters.

Skinless was found as a puppy at a dump in Manila. At the time he had barely any fur and was horribly thin, suffering from severe Mange. Meanwhile, Kilay was impounded at the Angeles Dog Pound. Sadly she wasn’t claimed and after nearly 2 weeks at the pound she stopped eating, appearing to be very intimidated by the other dogs in the pen. Now the two dogs are completely unrecognisable. Both dogs have already settled in and are getting to love their new home.

Thank you so much for your continued support in helping dogs just like Kilay and Skinless have a brighter future.


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