IWCT Education In Schools

By Kaytie Grant

We are delighted to report that IWCT has returned to schools! The Covid 19 Pandemic stopped us from delivering our seminars in schools. Furthermore, the Philippines were a lot slower at returning to schools in the pandemic aftermath than the UK. This then coincided with the opening of our new Treatment Centre where our time and resources were allocated to in-house projects. Thanks to our growing team and generous donations, we are excited to say that we have returned to schools better than ever.

education in schools

Engaging and educating

The team in the UK were lucky to have had a consultation with a UK Primary School teacher who recommended some engaging activities which were fed back to the team in the Philippines. Pooling our expertise from teachers, parents, vets and Centre staff, we are proud to have delivered an engaging seminar to two classes in a local Elementary School, with further schools already confirmed. 

A short seminar on Rabies Awareness and a Q&A on responsible pet ownership was followed by completing an activity book and receiving goodies as a reward for group participation. 

Education is key

At IWCT we genuinely believe that if we can teach the next generation about Responsible Pet Ownership and Rabies Awareness, there will be less suffering of dogs on the streets, less cruelty and more loving dog owners. 

Having a regular presence in schools will have a positive effect on the attitude towards dogs in the Philippines. Children can be incredibly impactful, not only are they the future of dog ownership in the Philippines, but they can also influence other people in their community from the things they learn in schools and that includes dog welfare.

How You Can Help Our Education Programme

Please do consider making a donation to our Education Programme, the travel, expenses and materials cost about £300 per school visit. I’m sure you will agree, this is a very worthy cause for the future of the dogs in the Philippines.


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