Josie And Makoy

By Kaytie Grant

It’s not just homeless dogs we have been helping. Two individuals have recently come into our lives at IWCT with remarkable stories we just had to share with you. 


Josie lives in a cart with her six rescue dogs. Her cart is about the size of a very small trailer, which you might tow gardening waste to the tip with. The dogs sleep in it on cardboard and she sleeps beside it on a piece of mattress. When it rains she covers the cart with a tarpaulin and they all get in together. Josie’s dogs were street dogs who had no home or owner. She took pity on them and fed them. Recognising her kindness and compassion, they stayed with her as a family.

What is so moving about Josie is that even though she has so little, she re-gifts a lot of her donated dog food to other dogs in need of help. There are other street dogs nearby who don’t have people looking out for them and she takes pity on them. Sometimes fellow homeless people with a dog ask for some food and she is only too happy to oblige. 



Makoy shares his cart with two dogs. They are his loyal friends.

Despite facing his own hardships, Makoy prioritises his dog’s well-being, ensuring they have food even if it means going hungry himself. The love and devotion you can see in his eyes as he looks at his dogs is enough to melt even the toughest hearts. 

When we saw Makoy and his dogs by the side of the road, we couldn’t walk on by. His eyes teared up immediately when he received packs of dog food from the IWCT team.

These dogs to Makoy are a constant source of comfort and companionship, and he, their protector and provider. Their story is a testament to the loyalty and unconditional affection that exists between humans and animals, even in the toughest times.


Support Josie And Makoy

IWCT has committed to supporting the dogs owned by Josie and Makoy. We have offered to give rabies vaccinations and spay and neuter the dogs. 

We’re optimistic for a brighter future for Josie, Makoy and their dogs. You can help too.

If you are in the Philippines and are able to donate some dog food to our stray and homeless feeding programme, we would be very grateful for 1 – 2 kg’s. This can be dropped off to our Treatment Centre in Concepcion Tarlac during clinics on Tuesday or Saturday mornings. 

For those too far from our Centre, and the rest of the world, please consider making a donation. From the button below, you can donate via GCash, PayPal, or in Sterling, Dollar or Peso. 

These small gestures make such a big difference to those who have so little. 

Thank you. 


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