IWCT New Treatment Centre – Kennel Construction

By Kaytie Grant

Construction begins on the kennels

Last month we shared an update that we had broken ground on our new Treatment Centre Build. You can see now that the ground floor of the main building is almost complete. Work now begins on something we are really proud of – the kennels and quarantine kennel.

IWCT Kennels

We decided we would build shared kennels which would house up to 4 dogs of similar personality. This enables our resident dogs who are firm friends such as Kilay and Skinless, to continue to spend a lot of time together. Dogs are pack animals and like to socialise and sleep with others. These spacious kennels will allow them to do just that. We anticipate this making a happy environment for all the dogs, regardless of their length of stay with us.

Kennel Composition

The kennels will be built in a purpose built block (apart from the quarantine kennels, see below) with an enclosed bedroom area and open air exercise pen. There will be access to both internal and external areas. There will be a lockable dog door where the dogs can get between the two areas. Windows at either end will provide ventilation. These will also have mosquito screens. The outside area will be concrete blocks from the ground up part of the way, then mesh fencing to the roof. This allows dogs to socialise a little with their neighbours, should they so wish.

Cool and clean

To keep the kennels cool from the heat in the Philippines, ceramic tiles will be used. These will be covered in Epoxy glue to provide suitable grip but are easy to clean. The kennels will be built on a slight slant, to allow waste to more easily be directed to the drainage system.

To allow some privacy, a railing will be installed around the edge of the kennels, so the public or potential adopters cannot get too close to the dogs, which may be intimidating.

Quarantine Kennels

Away from the main kennel block will be a quarantine kennel. Built similarly to the main kennels, this space will be used to house new rescues, until they are cleared from having contagious diseases such as parvo or distemper. When not in use, the quarantine kennel can also be used as a whelping kennel, for a bitch with puppies. This kennel will also have a dividing door, to allow for separating the puppies from mum, for example at check up or feeding times.

The quarantine kennels will have designated cleaning equipment which won’t be shared with the main kennel building. This will help maintain bio-security standards.

Careful Research

Our team in the UK thought very carefully about the kennel design. On a recent visit to Dogs Trust Basildon, Construction Manager Pete Croft confirmed we had all the necessary components in place for a high standard of kennel. We are very proud to bring this concept to the Philippines.


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