Love Your Pet day!

By Kaytie Grant

Love Your Pet Day

Here in the UK, February 20th marks National Love Your Pet Day. We thought we’d share some stories about successful adoptions in the Philippines and our own dogs.

Adoption background information

Before a dog is put up for adoption, we ensure it is both physically and mentally ready to be re-homed. They be in the best health (many rescue dogs arrive underweight with mange), vaccinated and spayed or neutered. We also ensure that their behaviour is suitable for living with a family and interacting with other dogs. Many dogs we rescue have never had a home before, often born on the street or abandoned as puppies. We spend a lot of time socialising the dogs. We teach them how nice it is to have cuddles and be made a fuss of. Families and homes are assessed and matched to a suitable dog. There will be several meetings with the dog and potential adopter, to ensure they will get along well permanently. After adoption, an IWCT representative will visit the dog after 2 weeks, to ensure it is settling in well. and again at 6 months.

Special Stories

Noli Strike’s lucky

Noli is the IWCT driver who transports the vet team and their equipment to mobile clinics. He first met Strike, a resident rescue dog at an animal shelter when we held a clinic there. Noli had been thinking about adopting a dog and it was love at first sight when he met Strike! Despite having been at the animal shelter for 4 years, Strike immediately settled into his new home with Noli and his family. 

Piolo found himself a friend

Dr Arris is a vet at the IWCT Treatment Centre. One day he spotted a worm riddled dog, covered in wounds, outside his church. He brought the dog back to the Treatment Centre where he received de-worming medication and had his wounds treated. The dog (which Dr Arris named Piolo), never left his side, following him around the centre all day. Dr Arris decided to adopt Piolo, having developed such a special bond with him. 

Two rescues in one loving home

Freckles was found on the streets, weak with severe mange. He was brought back to the treatment centre. He also started training to build up his confidence and trust in people. It was here he met Princess, a timid dog transferred to us from a dog pound. The pound was too busy for Princess, who was scared of the other dogs. However, she quickly formed a bond with Freckles and the two helped each other conquer their insecurities. We really didn’t want them to be separated so we were delighted when a family wanted to adopt both. The two settled into their new home together ever so quickly and really will be Best Friends Forever!   

Dilly the parkouring greyhound

Back in the UK, our Communications Manager, Kaytie and her family are the proud adopters of a greyhound called Dilly. She has bursts of energy where she leaps around the house, garden or woods on walks. Energy expended, she then snuggles down with her teenage children on the sofa, enjoying plenty of fuss.   

Whether you have a dog, cat, horse or hamster, we expect our supporters to show their love for their pet every day. Hopefully they will get that little bit of extra fuss today though, to show them our love and appreciation for them!


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