By Kaytie Grant

We would like to introduce you to a poorly little dog called Milly, named after Queen Camilla as she was rescued just after the Coronation. At only about 8 months old, she has had a horrendous start to her short life.

Not welcome

Milly was alerted to us by someone who lived in a residential area near a busy main road. She had been seen trying to enter the houses in search of food, but every time she was chased away towards the road. Milly was very emaciated, dehydrated and suffering terribly from mange. Residents did not want her near their homes as they thought she would pass diseases onto them.

Ailments and injuries

In addition to the above, Milly also has ehrlichiosis (a disease caused by ticks) and compromised renal function. Her mange has resulted in loss of fur and dry, cracked skin. She also had a small tear to one ear. But the biggest shock of all was to discover that what appeared to be a scab on the crown of her head turned out to be a large, maggot infested fistula wound. Doc Roland believes the injury to be caused by her being struck by a hard object, like a rock.

Milly is lucky to have survived an injury such as this, let alone the additional infections and ailments she has also presented with. Fortunately, Milly is now safe at our Treatment Centre.

Road to recovery

Milly will now spend time in the comfort of the Quarantine Kennel at the Treatment Centre. Here she will get the rest she needs, as well as being fed little and often, to help her gain weight and strength. Keeping her isolated will protect our other rescue dogs from potential contagious diseases she may be carrying, such as Parvo or Distemper. Her prognosis is guarded but we are confident that with our veterinary team’s expertise and the dedication of our kennelmates that she will pull through.  

How you can help Milly

If you can, please make a donation to help Milly’s recovery. 

The course of the 5 in 1 vaccine will cost £18

Her mange treatment will cost £35

Spaying her when she is well enough will cost £22

Her feed will cost £4 a week.

It will be a long time before she is well enough to be considered for adoption. Rescuing a dog in this state is a costly exercise – the total amount over a three month period is likely to exceed £350 and that doesn’t include the additional veterinary care she has needed to treat her injuries. 

Please, however small, your donation will help support Milly.


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