Monty’s new home!

By Kaytie Grant

Last year we rescued a very pregnant Monty from the streets of the Philippines to allow her to give birth in peace and give her the treatment she desperately needed. After a year in our centre, we are pleased to announce- Monty has been adopted!

Only a few weeks after arriving at our centre, Monty gave birth to two beautiful puppies! Thanks to our team she had all the support she needed and the puppies were happy and healthy. Once they were old enough to be vaccinated the puppies were put up for adoption and have since gone to amazing homes! Monty stayed with us a little longer to help her recover and get healthy before we found her a new home!

Gail and Terry found Monty through our Facebook page where they saw our post about rehoming Princess and Freckles. They have a one-year-old rescued Rottweiler named Bonus. They wanted to get Bonus a companion because they always saw him looking at other dogs on the street and wanting to play with them!
When they saw Monty they knew she was perfect because she was always smiling! The first time they reached out to stroke her, she licked their hand right away! When we first introduced Monty and Bonus, Monty was a little shy but she quickly adjusted and the two became fast friends.
We are thrilled for Monty, we know she will be so happy with her new family but we will miss her lots!¬†Thanks to all of our recent adoptions, we now have some space in our centre to rescue more dogs! Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to carry out our work so thank you!!


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