More Traders Arrested!

By Kaytie Grant

On the evening 17th December the IWCT Investigation team and local Batangas police set up a road block on a road coming out of the village of Laurel, following a tip off that a car was going to be transporting dog meat.

After several hours a Nissan Patrol car came to the road block and when the police and IWCT investigated they were appalled and heartbroken at what they discovered. When they opened the boot of the car they found the butchered remains of 29 dogs, concealed in large plastic boxes, all of whom had been murdered and then torched to remove their fur. It transpired that the car starting out on a long journey north to Baguio – the only area that we believe to be where Filipino’s still eat dog meat.

The driver and male passenger were arrested at the scene and taken to the local police station, where they were charged with 5 counts of breaking Filipino law, including the Animal Welfare Act and the Anti Rabies Laws. IWCT has now registered court proceedings and these men are awaiting trial.

Obviously we would have dearly loved to have found those dogs alive, but we are determined that these vile criminals will receive the appropriate and deserved punishment for the horrific cruelty they have inflicted on those poor defenceless dogs, who would have had no idea the fate that awaited them.

As long as these repulsive villains continue to inflict such abhorrent brutality on innocent creatures, IWCT will continue to do all we can to stop them!


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