Move In Day!

By Kaytie Grant

We are so excited to say that we have moved into the new Treatment Centre! Saturday was move in day for kennelmate Mark and the resident IWCT dogs – Kilay, Skinless, Buddy, Sunshine, Holly and their friends! 

Kennel life

They have already settled in well to their new kennels – once they learnt how to use the dog flap! These kennels are well ventilated and include an indoor space for sleeping and resting, then through the dog flap is an outside area for sunbathing, socialising and toileting. Several dogs can share one of these spacious kennels so we can let best friends live together! 

move in day for mark

When not in kennels, the dogs will have plenty of exercise, play and training time in the Enrichment Park. This secure outside space has three separate areas, of different surfaces – concrete, astroturf and fine gravel, allowing them to run, relax, dog and explore. Each area has different fixed and portable apparatus for training and enrichment activities. 


The first clinic in the new Centre is scheduled for Tuesday. We are so looking forward to unveiling our new consultation rooms and operating theatre where we can spay, neuter and treat a greater number of dogs in a more spacious, purpose built facility. 

As well as clinical areas, there is a designated waiting area, where pet owners can pick up free information leaflets on responsible pet ownership. There is even a seminar room where we can present our Education Programme to the public. 

This new Centre has been a long time coming since the purchasing of the land thanks to a generous legacy. The build has only been made possible by several other legacies and ongoing support from our loyal followers. Despite Covid restrictions, weather implications and general construction hold ups, it is wonderful to finally be able to move the dogs in and open the doors to those in need. 

completed centre

Moving forward

As well as the scope and opportunity the new Centre brings, it also brings new challenges. The running costs of the Centre are somewhat larger than our previous home, due to the increased size, facilities and the number of animals we will be helping. Future legacies and regular donations will go a long way to keep the Centre serving the animals needing our help. It will allow us to plan the numbers and types of clinics we can put on, the number of animals we can spay, which provincial areas we can travel to and support, and how many new rescue dogs we can take in.

You can find out more about legacies here or set up a regular donation here

Thank you. 


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