Proposed new Treatment Centre

By Kaytie Grant

Much of what we are doing in the Philippines involves the IWCT team travelling to where they are needed most, with our mobile Veterinary Clinics offering free neutering, vaccinations and life-saving treatment to as many dogs as possible.

Although many dogs are able to be treated at our clinics, we do come across some who need more attention than our vets are able to offer on the day; cases where a short stay under IWCT care would mean a much greater chance of recovery or even survival. As a result we want to open a small Rehabilitation Unit, enabling us to care for those poorly dogs until they recover and are well enough to return home.

Prince is one such dog who might not have survived if it wasn’t for the additional care we were able to offer in our temporary rehabilitation unit. Prince was rescued as a puppy when he was found trying to survive alone on the streets; unable to find food or take care of himself, he had become severely malnourished and underweight and when he was brought to us he was also suffering very badly with Mange.

In our temporary facility, we immediately started Prince on a treatment programme to rid him of the parasites and help him to start gaining weight. Once he was strong enough, he was neutered and fully vaccinated and after just 3 months he was well enough to leave us for his new home with Jonalyn, his new mum! He’s a remarkably happy and confident chap now, seemingly unscathed by his very challenging start in life.

We want to open a permanent facility, enabling us to help more dogs like Prince, offering them temporary sanctuary and a chance to receive the veterinary treatment they need and deserve, allowing them to recover and ultimately meaning they have a far greater chance of survival.

We’ve located the ideal property, which John Hawkridge, our chairman of trustees, visited in February and which will allow us to care for up to 12 dogs at any one time, with accommodation for a live-in Veterinary Assistant to care for the dogs. There will be a room for our vets to carry out any necessary treatments, as well as a lovely outside space for the dogs to exercise and play, whilst they’re with us. The house needs some renovation work before we can open – painting, fencing and securing the property, as well as installing kennels and tidying up the garden. This work is going to cost just over £4,000 and the ongoing running costs of the unit will be approximately £400 a month.

Please donate whatever you can towards the renovation works and the monthly running costs and help make this project become a reality as soon as possible, ensuring more dogs like Prince are offered a brighter future.


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