By Kaytie Grant

What started as a sad tale has a very happy ending. 

Puti is the dog who came to the Treatment Centre having been slashed across the face by a man with a knife. Puti allegedly thought the man’s suckling pig was too good to resist and nibbled on a trotter whilst it was cooking. Although Puti should not have entered someone else’s property, this vicious attack and horrific act of cruelty is obviously inexcusable. 

Luckily, Puti has quick thinking and loving owners who realised he needed emergency veterinary treatment, which is how we came to know this wonderful dog.

Emergency Surgery

Doc Roland and the team stitched Puti’s face and he was admitted to the Treatment Centre as an In-Patient. Thanks to the Centre CCTV the team in the UK were able to watch the surgery in real time. This was really interesting as we were able to witness first hand the skills of the team. Puti also needed antibiotics to prevent infection to the wound and was given his own kennel where he could recover. As you can see from the photo below, he looks very sorry for himself. 

Puti in kennels

Holistic Care

In addition to our care, Puti received weekly visits from his family. He was so excited to see them, jumping up and having cuddles. This was so lovely to see how affectionate both he and his owners were to one another and really helped lift his spirits and aid his recovery. 

When a wound heals and new skin forms, it can become itchy. This was the case for Puti who scratched the wound site, causing it to open up a little. As luck would have it, it was a consultation day at the Treatment Centre! Kennelmate Michael took Puti from his kennel and waited in line in the reception area to be seen by Doc Roland. He loved his visit to the clinic, meeting other dog owners and looked very grateful to be stitched up again. 

One final procedure

Lastly, Puti needed one more thing before he could home – to be neutered. At IWCT we offer a weekly free spay and neuter clinic, to promote responsible pet ownership and control the dog population. Now Puti is neutered and his wound has healed, he is ready to be re-united with his family permanently. 

Puti would not have survived if his wound had been left untreated. Infection would likely have taken hold if it had not been infested with maggots first. We are very grateful to all our supporters for their generosity so that we can perform emergency veterinary care as well as our regular clinics. Please help us continue to do so by making a donation. 

From the Philippines you can donate via G Cash or this link

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We also accept donations through PayPal – info@iwct-uk.org or visit our PayPal donation page here


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