Sunshine Update

By Kaytie Grant

When Sunshine arrived at our treatment centre she was timid and frightened, suffering from severe Mange and malnutrition. She had been through so much in her short life that our Kennel mate Mark thought she was unable to smile. Despite all this, thanks to our donors, Sunshine is now thriving at the IWCT treatment centre. She is very active and the moment you open her cage she runs out to play with two of the other dogs living in our treatment centre; Kilay and Skinless. Sunshines’ personality has really begun to blossom and now she has such a lovable character and she has found her smile.

Sunshines’ health has improved and she looks like a completely different dog. The transformation she has undergone really is extraordinary. All of her fur has grown back and she has gained enough weight that she has now been spayed. Altogether, Sunshine is now a remarkably happy and confident girl, seemingly unscathed by her very challenging start in life.

You might remember that Sunshine was brought to our attention by a street stallholder named Sharmaine. Recently, Sunshine was reunited with Sharmaine who came all the way to the treatment centre just to visit her. Sunshine was extremely happy to see seeming to recognise her immediately. Sunshine couldn’t stop wagging her tail and rolling on Sharmaine!Unfortunately, she is unable to adopt her as she already has two dogs in quite a small flat. As a result, we will be starting to look for a new home for Sunshine in the New Year- we’ll keep you posted.


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