Urgent Appeal For Ellie

By Kaytie Grant

We report on sad news of our most recent rescue, a little dog who has been named Ellie, short for Elliott. It is that this male dog, approximately three years of age was abandoned by his owner.

On The Streets

The streets of Bulacan are busy with cars, tricycles and scooters. It is also blisteringly hot during the day. It is no place for a dog, especially one which is not used to the conditions. Ellie was spotted by a kind lady called Jade who noticed him always sitting in the same spot. We believe this to be the place he was left by his owner. Despite being dumped, this sweet dog continued to wait for his owner’s return.


Needing More Than A Meal

Jade began giving Ellie food and water, however she noticed his health deteriorating and thankfully, she reached out for help. Our team in the Philippines responded to a post Jade wrote on Facebook asking for someone to take the dog from the street. Hearty and Michael came to the rescue and transferred the little dog from the temporary crate Jade used to secure him while she waited, into our own and in the back of an air conditioned car.

michael and ellie

Initial Examination

Ellie was stressed, dehydrated and exhausted from his ordeal. He has been tested for diseases and will remain in the quarantine kennel until it is confirmed he is infection free and strong enough to begin socialising and rehabilitation. He has mange, matted fur and an eye infection.

Prognosis For Ellie

We are optimistic that with the veterinary treatment required and some TLC from the kennelmates to heal the mange, Ellie will make a good recovery. It will be a long road of rehabilitation for him to learn to trust people again, having been let down so badly by his former owner.

ellie video

How You Can Help Ellie

You can help Ellie by making a donation. Donations will go towards his veterinary fees, mange treatment, antibiotics, staff salaries, specialist food and much more. We’re not sure how long he will need to stay with us. Fortunately, there is hope, for Jade has agreed to take on responsibility of him when he is well enough. We will of course keep you updated on his progress.


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