Wearing is caring

By Kaytie Grant

Whether you’re using public transport or just visiting the supermarket, masks have become an essential part of our everyday life. As a way to raise much-needed funds for our projects in the Philippines, we have produced a range of face masks using the faces of a few of our beloved IWCT dogs. 

It has been a tough time for many, particularly in the Philippines where livelihoods have been destroyed by the pandemic. As such, as a way of supporting the local community out there, we decided to have our masks made in the Philippines. Our seamstress was Lita, who sewed and stitched the masks with the help of one of her sons, who lost his job during the pandemic. Lita lives with her 6 children and her grandchildren in their rented home.

Lita usually produces school uniforms but as all education in the Philippines has been online since March, she has been unable to do her normal work. It seems as though this will remain the situation until well into 2021, so the money she makes producing these masks will be vital to support her family over the coming months.

Here are some pictures of some of the masks in action on our models; Alice and Charlie!

Not only do our masks keep yourself and your loved ones safe they also help provide essential treatment for dogs in the Philippines! If you would like to purchase a mask you can find them on our website at this link www.iwct-uk.org/face-masks/


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