Mange is a contagious skin condition that can affect dogs. It is caused by tiny mites that burrow into the skin and cause intense itching, hair loss, and skin irritation. It is important for dog owners to be aware of the signs and symptoms so they can take steps to prevent it or seek treatment if necessary. Here are our tips for mange treatment and prevention.

Being a contagious condition, not only can mange spread quickly amongst other dogs, it can take hold quickly and a dog can soon have multiple affected areas across the whole body. Allowing dogs to roam, or sharing bedding with other affected dogs, can cause mange to spread. 

a dog with mange


Dog owners should refrain from allowing their pet to wander the streets, mixing with other dogs who may have the condition. Furthermore, if an owner has more than one dog in the household and one contracts mange, it should be kept away from the others where possible until the condition has cleared up. Bedding should not be shared and should be washed regularly.  


In addition to prevention, it is important for pet owners to learn about the different treatments available for mange in dogs. Despite being vigilant in preventing mange, owners can still discover their dog has contracted it, so it’s good to know how to treat it quickly.

There are various methods that can be used depending on the severity of the condition, from topical creams and shampoos to oral medications. In the early stages of mange, creams may suffice to heal the affected areas. However, in more severe cases, antibiotics may be required in addition to medicated shampoo.

regular bathing


Awareness of these treatments and getting the right help for your pet promptly is key to them returning to full health. It can take several months and repeat applications to free a dog from the mites harbouring a dog’s skin surface. In severe cases, sometimes there are small areas of permanent hair loss but in most cases the coat should start to re-grow and the skin become less sore after the first couple treatments. It is also good practice to regularly wash your dog with an anti mange shampoo. Not only will this help prevent recurring cases, but it is also a fun bonding activity for dogs and their owners.

By being proactive with prevention and treatment, pet owners can help ensure their dog’s health and well being while also reducing the risk of spreading mange in their home or community. Sharing that knowledge will also teach others about the condition, so rather than being alarmed by the sight of it, they can show empathy for the pet and support the owner.

a dog with severe mange

IWCT offers low cost treatment of mange at the Treatment Centre during our Consultation Clinics. If you suspect your dog has mange and are unsure of the best form of treatment, or can’t afford to pay private practice prices, come along to a Tuesday clinic. No appointment is necessary but you may like to tell us you are coming by using or contact form or messaging the IWCT Philippines Facebook Page.

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