A Tribute To Her Majesty The Queen

By Kaytie Grant

IWCT – A Tribute To Her Majesty The Queen

Whilst an International Trust by name, and with a focus very centred around the Philippines, IWCT is based in the United Kingdom and as the world knows, our Queen of over 70 years, has recently passed away.

On behalf of the Trustees, the staff and volunteers, we would like to express our condolences to the royal family at this sad time and fully support our new monarch, King Charles III, as he both takes the sovereign and mourns the death of his mother. 

Rather than raise awareness for our own campaigns at this time, we thought it fitting to share some achievements of our late Queen. Her majesty was so passionate about all animals, her love of dogs and horses stands out in particular. 

A lifelong passion

As most of you may know, the corgi is the dog most associated with Queen Elizabeth II. It is said she was gifted her first corgi, named Dookie, at aged just 7.

young queen with dog

At the time of her death, the Queen was reported to have four dogs in her life, two corgis and two dorgis (a corgi x dachshund mixed breed). We are sure they would have provided comfort and support to her majesty in her final hours. 

The Queen was also a competent horsewoman, who could ride both side saddle, for state duties such as Trooping The Colour, and astride, for recreational purposes. 

trooping the colour

Our late monarch was not only a proud owner of horses, she also bred many very successfully, including top class racehorses.  

Her majesty was reportedly pictured in the saddle as recently as June this year, at the age of 96. Riding her horses in the grounds of Windsor Castle or Balmoral in the fresh air has always given her light relief from royal duties. Duties of which she carried out for over 70 years without fail or fault. 

queen riding with president

Changing times

Back in June, we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Part of the celebration involved Her Majesty featuring in a video with a different kind of animal, the very charming Paddington Bear. During this feature, we learnt they both shared a love of marmalade sandwiches! 

paddington bear

Her ability to adapt to the changing world throughout her 70 year reign is just one of the things we are grateful to our late monarch for. 

So in the words of Paddington Bear we all wish to say: 

“Thank you, your majesty, for everything.”


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