New Rescue Dogs – Update

By Kaytie Grant

If you’re a regular blog reader, you’ll have noticed we’ve had several new rescue dogs arrive at the Treatment Centre recently. We wanted to give you an update on these new dogs, as the difference in them is nothing short of remarkable. 

New Rescue Dog Pebbles

This was the terrified, angry little dog dumped in a ditch by his owner. When we rescued him, he used aggression as a coping mechanism because he had been so poorly treated. 

Even after a much needed bath and haircut, we would cower and snarl in his kennel. However, thanks to our calm and caring team, who spent hours just sitting with Pebbles, we are delighted to share that he is realising there are some good people in his life who care for him.

new rescue dog pebbles with his adopter

The best news is, the lady in the photo above is hoping to adopt him! Pebbles obviously needs an experienced dog owner to continue being patient and empathic with him so he continues to gain trust in people. This wonderful lady, Josie Suba is a friend to IWCT – her daughter Diane also adopted Xavier, the rescue dog who was “left to die” last year. We are so lucky Josie has come forward to give Pebbles the life and love he deserves. 

Ellie, Rescued From The Streets

Ellie has now had his surgery to correct the cherry eye. His coat is growing back in beautiful condition. He is such a happy little dog. Once he has been neutered, he can head to his new forever home with Jade, the kind lady who found him. It’s hard to believe it’s the same dog as the one we rescued a mere two months ago. A credit to our team and their dedication to helping these dogs.

ellie after his cherry eye surgery

All our new rescue dogs have also now begun their 5 in 1 vaccine. This is a course of injections which protects the dogs from Parvo Virus, Canine distemper and other dreadful diseases. I say ‘all’ the new rescues, because there is one you haven’t met yet. 

Latest Rescue Dog

The big dog below is Cooper, rescued by our very own Suzanne, who persuaded his former owner to relinquish him to us after he was repeatedly left tied up with a chain around his neck in the blistering heat, with no food or water.  

As a result Cooper was painfully underweight and weak when he came to us, but he is now steadily gaining weight. He too will finish his vaccination regime and be neutered, ready for adoption.

latest rescue dog

As you can see, there is plenty going on at the Treatment Centre, not to mention all our clinics! Please, if you can, continue to show your support to our amazing team and the work they do for the dogs in The Philippines, by making a donation. 


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