Enrichment Park Open!

By Kaytie Grant

You may have seen snippets on our Facebook page sharing some photos and video of the much anticipated Enrichment Park. We are delighted to say that it is officially open to our resident rescue dogs! We are absolutely blown away by how amazing it looks and excited by what it means to the dogs. 

Social and Educational

They will now have daily exercise in the secure area, which is divided into three parts with different surfaces and apparatus. Exercise will come in the form of free play in their social groups and training with kennelmate Mark. They will also have time for socialisation with our volunteers. All these make such an important part of their rehabilitation as part of their journey to finding their forever home. 

The apparatus provides several types of Enrichment:

  • Cognitive – the play frame with different toys and ropes will require thinking as to what they can get hold of, how much strength is required and work out if the toys are detachable. 
  • Physical – the climbing frames and agility apparatus will improve the dogs’ physical strength and muscle tone.
  • Social – time out of kennels is so important. Although our kennels are shared so the dogs don’t have feelings of isolation, interacting with dogs from different kennels or new rescue dogs (once they are well enough and confirmed infection free) is an important skill which they need to be familiar with then they are re-homed. 

As well as the agility equipment and puzzles, there is water play, ball pits, hidey areas and plenty of shade in which to relax. There is also a stretch of the Park where the dogs can run, chase a ball and let off steam. 

Human Enrichment too

You can see from the photos, that it’s not just the dogs who are enjoying the Park. Our staff, vets and volunteers are also enjoying the time outside. Doc Marc for example, is normally head down in the operating theatre, but at the end of the day he can enjoy the evening sun in the company of our special dogs. 

If you are local to us and would like to become an IWCT volunteer, please contact us. You too will get to experience what wonderful things dogs can bring to our lives. You will also be a part of their rescue to re-home journey.  


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