Every Dog Deserves A Proper Collar

By Kaytie Grant

Remember Barker who we introduced earlier this summer? Barker was found on the streets with an extremely tight makeshift collar embedded in his neck. His flesh was infected and riddled with maggots. It was believed the rope used as a collar may have been fitted to him when he was much smaller and as he grew, the rope became tighter and tighter, creating a deep wound. 

Barker showed a very calm temperament, despite his obvious pain, and our vet was able to remove the rope, treat the injured area and administer antibiotics. Barker also received a full vaccination programme and we are hopeful he will soon find his forever home. 

Sadly makeshift rope, nylon or string collars are seen all too often on dogs in the Philippines. We are often presented with dogs suffering from raw necks and sores, making them more susceptible to parasites and infection. That’s why wherever we are, we provide all dogs with no collar or a makeshift one, a proper collar for free.  

It costs just £1 to supply a large dog with a properly fitting collar, and even less for smaller dogs. Your small donation will make a big difference to a dog’s wellbeing and sense of belonging. 

Donations can be made here


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