Lucky Clover

By Kaytie Grant

Our Vet Roland, found Clover lying in the car-park close to where we were holding a vaccination clinic. His first thought was whether or not she was still alive, she was in such a bad way. She was starving and it seemed like her only source of food came from a generous street sweeper who fed Clover whenever he could. 

We think she is only about two years old, far too young to be living alone on the streets and as such we felt compelled to bring her back to our treatment centre where we could give her the help she so desperately needs.

As you can see, Clover is incredibly malnourished and riddled with parasites, which has destroyed most of her fur. It’s impossible to even tell what colour she used to be.

Having been back at the centre for a few weeks now, we found that Clover is friendly but too afraid to leave the comfort of her crate, which is understandable given her sad story. She is still terribly underweight, but she has now begun a course of antibiotics and parasite treatment. She appears to be doing well and is already looking a bit better after only a short time, but there is still a lot of sadness in her eyes.

Once she has gained enough weight and we see signs that the Mange treatment is working, she will be strong enough to undergo spay surgery. Until then, our Kennelmate Mark will work with Clover to build up her confidence. Eventually, we hope to find her a loving home that she has not yet known and that she so deserves.

It is likely to be a long journey, but we hope that one day, Clover will live up to her name and be the lucky dog we know she can be. As always, thank you for your support- none of our work would be possible without your help.


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