Pogi’s Tale

By Kaytie Grant

This is Pogi, the poor defenceless little dog, so cruelly discarded with a broken spine and left to die.

Thanks to the love of his new owner and the enormous generosity of IWCT supporters, Pogi is now living a very different life and more importantly he is mobile!!

When we found him emaciated, covered in mange and completely unable to walk, we soon discovered Pogi had a broken spine and was unlikely to ever get full use of all his legs.

It was clear that Pogi needed someone very special to care for him and sadly his first 3 foster families failed, with his needs being just too much. Then along came Noemi, animal lover and special friend of IWCT, who agreed to look after Pogi and who’s now decided to adopt him. Noemi is a physiotherapist and so has not only offered Pogi the stability and love of a home but has also helped with his rehabilitation.

When we first wrote about Pogi’s very sad story, we asked supporters to donate towards the cost of a wheelchair carriage, custom made here in the UK, which would enable him to move about and begin using his back legs again. We are so thrilled to report that within days of that request being sent out our wonderfully loyal supporters had raised enough money for us to order the carriage and on 4th February Pogi received his new custom built wheels!

It was a testament of Pogi’s spirit and strength of character that he couldn’t wait to get moving and within minutes, he was off exploring his new home, a home that until that point he’d only been able to view from where he lay. He’s a truly remarkable dog who, despite having been subjected to such an unbearable cruelty, is now loving his new home and cherishing his independence.

Pogi is also a remarkably sociable dog and with his new found freedom is making friends with Noemi’s other dogs and she’s also welcomed visitors with their dogs with whom Pogi is now able to play. Following the huge wave of support that we received for Pogi, we have decided to sponsor his food and veterinary treatment going forward and so will continue to supply proper food to Noemi and the IWCT Vet, Dr Jelly, will visit him once a month at Noemi’s home.

On behalf of Pogi and Noemi, we cannot thank our supporters enough for their generosity, you have truly changed a dog’s life.


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