Rescue Update

By Kaytie Grant

Here is an update on our recent major rescue cases. First we answered a call for help to Ellie, the abandoned dog with matted fur and mange. Then we assisted in getting Blackie (now known as Bracken) the advanced medical care he needed following his hit and run accident. 

We are happy to report that both Ellie and Bracken are making great progress. read each rescue’s update below:

Ellie Update

Upon clinical examination, Ellie was found to be positive for flea, tick and lice infestation. Similar to Millie when she was found, he also had demodicosis and ehrlichiosis. In addition to this, he had bacterial and fungal dermatitis and severe anaemia.

The good news is that he doesn’t have distemper. Ellie has now been wormed and he continues his course of antibiotics and medicated baths from kennelmates Michael and Mark. 

When he is well enough, both eyes will be operated on to fix the cherry eye. He will also be neutered and receive the 5 in 1 and anti rabies vaccines. In a private UK veterinary clinic, cherry eye surgery on both eyes could cost up to £1,800 or PHP130,000. Whilst it won’t cost anywhere near that much at our Treatment Centre in the Philippines, you can see how Ellie’s rescue costs are easily mounting up. 

Doc Roland gives him a good prognosis. He is the sweetest little chap and amazingly trusting in people despite being treated so terribly. The best news is that Ellie’s rescuer, Jade and her daughter have agreed to adopt him. When he is well enough he will have a brand new, loving family home to go to.

ellie update

Bracken Update

Bracken wasn’t able to come to the IWCT Treatment Centre because his veterinary needs were beyond our facilities. However, we assisted in transporting him to the Biyaya Animal Hospital and have covered the veterinary costs there. 

Further x-rays confirmed that luckily, there were no broken ribs to add to Bracken’s list of injuries. 

The best news for Bracken is that his rescuer has also decided to give him a home.

He has already been discharged from hospital and has been welcomed into Kariz’s home with open arms and a warm heart. Here he is on medication amounting to over PHP4,000 or £56 for antibiotics for a parasitic infection. This has caused his eyes to become cloudy. We are hopeful that they will clear once he is free from parasites. He is also on tablets to help improve his liver function and increase his iron levels, which were low causing him to be lethargic. He will be enjoying lead walks and will have lots of energy soon!

blackie update

Thank you to our supporters

We would like to say thank you to all our supporters who generously donated to these two rescue dogs. This update shows you just how far your donations and kindness goes. Even if you can’t support us financially, your follows, shares and comments also go a long way to raising more awareness, not only about us as a charity but also specific cases such as these. 

If you’re still able to make a donation, however small, you can do so on the button below. Thank you.


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