Rudy – rescued in time for Christmas

By Kaytie Grant

Rudy – rescued in time for Christmas

At the end of November, we welcomed Rudy to the IWCT treatment centre. We were alerted by a lady who found him roaming the streets, searching for scraps of food among the rubbish. 

Sadly it seems Rudy was abandoned by a former owner and left without a further thought. Dogs like Rudy who were previously owned don’t have the same street sense as those born as strays. It’s unlikely he would have survived much longer if we hadn’t stepped in.

Rudy was very weak, severely underweight and almost bald from mange. 

Making room for Rudy

At the time of rescue, we were completely at capacity at the treatment centre. So much so, we had to purchase an additional crate to house Rudy. We just couldn’t leave him behind. On return to the treatment centre he received a full check up from Dr Roland. It was here he was found to also have a protazoa infection, affecting his intestines. This is likely to have been caused by his poor diet eating what little scraps he could find.

He has now been treated for this and received medicated baths for his mange. He was also given the “5 in 1” vaccine and a course of vitamins. 

Rudy is now slowly gaining weight. Soon his hair will start to re-grow. We think it might be a lovely copper colour when it emerges. When he is strong enough the vets at IWCT will castrate him. 


Rudy’s luck will change in 2022

Rudy will make a wonderful pet for someone in the future. At the moment, he is very quiet and will take a little time to learn to trust people again. He enjoys affection but isn’t really “smiling” or wagging his tail much yet. For now, we can at least reassure Rudy that he won’t be alone or hungry this Christmas.

We will keep you updated on Rudy’s progress. 2022 will be a better year for Rudy.

Sponsor Rudy

It costs IWCT £250 to rescue just one dog. This includes medical treatment, for example, as described above for Rudy, food and accommodation. It doesn’t include ongoing running costs if for example, a dog is ready to be re-homed but no one has come forward to adopt them. Nor does it include the keep of a dog for whatever reason, isn’t suitable to be adopted. This could be due to age or underlying health conditions.  

You can be a part of Rudy’s road to recovery by sponsoring him. Follow this link for more information about all the dogs at the IWCT treatment centre who can be sponsored. Your support helps towards their running costs and rehabilitation. Thank you.


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